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Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal Links are the ticket to top search engine placement. Reciprocal indicates that you and another Internet business owner with a website have linked to each other. Reciprocal links help you gain popularity with search engines that value your worth by the number of other businesses willing to do business with or recommend you via a link. Since Google controls the web, you cannot ignore reciprocal linking.

One way links are also a popular way to gain credibility and ranking on the search engines. The fact that they are one way indicates that only one website is mentioning another website via a link. The search engines give you credit for every one way link you have and the good part about one way links is that they can't tell how you got them. You can pay for them or just end up with them because someone out there with a website liked what you had to say or sell.

With reciprocal links the search engines are more suspicious. They know the trading goes on to improve rankings so the credits are less. And, my experience has been that only one in four websites will trade links with me.

When I first got started on the Internet, I paid Virante to do a reciprocal linking campaign for me. They did an excellent job. It was a concentrated effort on their part to build partnerships for me. They do not use software to query potential link partners; they do it with real representatives whose job it is to create interest in my site. I received a number of two way and one way links initially from this effort. This was an advertising cost I felt was necessary for my long term Internet viability.

Today, I get emails on a daily basis asking if I will trade links. So, begin your reciprocal linking campaign early on. Ask every website owner you know to trade links with you.




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