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Online Marketers

Phil Wiley

Phil Wiley is another in a long list of Internet marketers singing the multiple streams of income tune with affiliate mini website marketing. These are small; several page content sites for affiliate programs often linked by some common theme.

If you take a good look at affiliate programs you know this; marketing an affiliate site won't mean less work than had you been marketing your own business on the web. For me, affiliate sites are hugely over rated. I may have seen them cloned and up on the web in twenty minutes as the claim so often heard by Internet marketers states, but does that mean you will reap riches in twenty minutes. It's unlikely.

Many Internet marketers have made these mini web affiliate sites the rage. They will tell you that they are easy to build and will be extremely profitable. But, my question to Phil Wiley since this is his position is what else do you need to tell me? I just have that gut feeling that I am not going to get the whole story, and that much of his success is coming from techniques he isn't sharing. If I am wrong write a review of Phil Wiley at this site and set me straight.

Phil Wiley does have incredible personal presence and he is hugely popular with his followers. His newsletter, All Secrets Revealed, is very informative and is full of many useful techniques. This is a guy that is easy to like. I am neutral on Phil Wiley.

If you choose to get into mini sites with affiliate programs know what you getting into. Do your research. Ask questions, expect answers. Call me if you need a list of what to ask. This may be your ticket to Internet wealth, but I'll be surprised if it comes to you as easily as Mr. Wiley claims it will.

It is the rare exception that anyone on the web became famous or wealthy without hard, smart, consistent effort. It's much better to be realistic in your expectations from an Internet business and use successful techniques to constantly move that initial expectation to newer and greater financial heights.




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