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Online Marketers

Michael Glaspie

Here is one man that writes a newsletter you don’t want to miss called Secrets to Direct Marketing Success:  How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime.  He is truly a genius in direct marketing. Be sure to read every issue.

Michael Glaspie has been around for a long time founding and growing one of the biggest privately held Internet service companies in the business, Webnet  International.  He was well suited to the task because prior to founding his online service company, he founded a telecommunications company that went from zero to eighteen plus million per year in revenues.  Nothing short of amazing.

If you decide to go with Webnet International, you can get a host of Internet services including website development, hosting, email, ISP accounts and a great free seven page web site. 

Mr. Glaspie also uses his talents as a sales and marketing consultant for a number of prestigious multi-million dollar businesses.  Mr. Glaspie is someone I would pay attention to.




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