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Navigating the World of Network Marketing

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Multi-Level Marketing


Founded in 1992, Kaire™ is one of the more respected MLMs marketing through a distributor network a line of natural products including nutraceuticals, natural face, body and hair care products, and environmentally compatible cleaners. The flagship product was Maritime Prime™ with Pycnogenol®. Now, the Kaire™ product list has expanded to include:

  • Antioxidant Support
  • Immune Support
  • Bone and Joint Support
  • Digestive and Dietary Support
  • OmegaKaire™ - hemp based products
  • SAKAIRA™ Premier Spa Collection
  • SAKAIRA Collection - hair and skin care
  • TrimKaire™
  • Kaire™ Essentials
  • EcoKaire™ - Home Care Collection of cleansers

Kaire™ claims to adhere to high standards of safety, qualify and purity in developing all of its natural products. The company has distributor representation in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Its goals, according to President Michael Lightfoot, are to make a difference by "changing and impacting people's lives, both physically and financially."

Kaire™ has "five positions of achievement in the compensation plan:

  • Distributor
  • Executive
  • Managing Executive
  • Senior Executive
  • Master Executive

At the website at www.kaire.com, the compensation plan is outlined perfectly. What the site says is this, "when you enroll as a Kaire™ Distributor, you are permitted to begin building your own network and, as you advance, receive increasing commissions directly from Kaire™. As your business continues to grow, you can progress into Kaire's higher levels of achievement." There are monthly minimums to meet. You can qualify for a 10% infinity bonus.

If you sign up someone beneath you as a distributor, you receive a one time 25% first order bonus and your upline (3 immediate) get a 5% bonus. Sponsorship bonuses are paid above any monthly commissions.

You can also get involved in the monthly autoship program, (minimum $100.00 order), and have immediate access to Executive commissions (Instant Executive Feature) and you get to bypass the regular Executive group volume requirements.

Detailed information on the compensation breakdown and bonuses are explained on the website.

If I were going to become involved with Kaire™ I would talk to as many distributors as the company will provide names for. Find out their experience with the products, the support on all levels for both distributors and customers, and the compensation plan. You will want to determine the level of satisfaction overall they have experienced as a Kaire™ distributor because Kaire™ has lots of competition in the wellness arena.




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