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Real Estate Programs

John Cash Loche

Ok, I am not a big fan of real estate investing, but that’s me.  There is nothing wrong with it for those of you with the time to seek our properties (your eyes on the market), the time or money to rehab and flip properties, and the savvy to know who to listen to among all the real estate marketing gurus.

With that said, I am not a fan of John Cash Locke.  His whole marketing approach is guaranteed to hit the emotional triggers for lower to middle income people.  While this is the income hierarchy of most of us, it is also the tier of our society that is most gullible to “investment” gurus.  Make sure before you shell out close to $700 for his training manual, Big Bucks Bird Dogging that you have had conversations with your local realtors about your market, their experiences, and their suggestions for someone using property to make money.   Go to your library and read everything on the subject.  Getting an education prior to making a decision about spending this type of money will let you know if you need to return the course if it doesn’t deliver what it promised.  And, check out the guarantee and refund policy before you purchase getting both in writing.   At this point, if you decide to keep the training manual, you may want to catch one of Mr. Locke’s seminars.

Again, listen carefully to this man prior to buying anything.  Evaluate everything he says.  Does it make you feel important, comfortable, safe?  Those are buying triggers.  Does the promise of money take away the pain?  Be careful.  It takes only a little time to lose a chunk of change, so thinking about it for 24 -48 hours can’t hurt.

So, when you hear John $Cash$ Locke say his “Invest the Cash Now Way,” be sure you know what you are doing before you join his “Cash Now Family.”




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