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Real Estate Programs

Joel Cassway

I am not a fan of Joel Cassway, but it isn’t because I don’t appreciate his marketing approach, it just isn’t my style.  Frankly, I don’t have the guts for it, but I can admire the fact that this man knows his business, whatever his business practices may leave to be desired.  And, it’s a matter of hearsay because my knowledge of most of the real estate gurus is from my network of reviewers.  It is not my avenue to wealth so I am just going to report what I have heard, and trust that you will do your homework.

Mr. Cassway teaches at Temple University in Philadelphia.  With over thirty years in the note business, Mr. Cassway is a respected speaker, investor, and consultant on notes.  He has written extensively on the subject, has the Note Investors website, and has a reputation as a take no prisoners’ marketer.

His courses include Prosperity Power, which isabout wealth generation with discounted notes.  You get the usual cassettes and course book.  And, for those of you with some marketing background there is Super Earnings PLUS.  This title claims to be for those of you interested in lifelong success in achieving and in maintaining wealth.  I have heard that this in not easy material to digest, so your success with this material may hinge on having a base foundation in real estate prior to ordering it.    His training sessions, How to Find All the Notes You Could Ever Hope to Buy, have the same not for the faint of heart reputation.

The unfavorable press on Joel Cassway centers on two things.  I cannot prove or disprove them, but having heard the same story from several sources, these comments merit researching.  Mr. Cassway is alleged to have published a course titled, The Paper Game, which was a title of a previously written course by John Helm.  This would be confusing for people seeking out Mr. Helm’s work.   If both of these gentlemen are in real estate, it is hard to believe that Mr. Cassway did not know of Mr. Helm’s course.

The other point of contention with Mr. Cassway’s system involves purchasing notes from people holding privately held notes.  You can enter into a business arrangement via Mr. Cassway’s website, and earn commission on every such person you talk into relinquishing their interest in the notes they hold.  And, the purchase price is reported to be very low. 

Again, check this out if it doesn’t settle well with you.  Regardless, of your choice, remember that what Mr. Cassway is teaching requires the type of personal determination that doesn’t get emotionally involved in other people when chasing and closing a business deal.




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