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Online Marketers

Gary Knuckles

You will find a very unpretentious sales letter at www.garyknuckles.com. There is a tremendous amount of information to digest, but it's worth the read because Gary Knuckles keeps good company. He is a man of many talents whose business acumen led him to computers 15 years ago. Using his diversified business background, Gary Knuckles launched AudioWhiz.com, a website business that generated millions in profits with information products that targeted the computer training info market.

After selling AudioWhiz.com, Gary Knuckles launched BudgetWare, Inc. a business that develops software and digital info products such as MP3s, PDF files, CDs, and Ebooks. BudgetWare, Inc. also provides "consulting, recording services for teleseminars, host services for teleseminars including PDF file creation and conversion services."

Gary Knuckles plays in the big league. Just check out his website and read the list of who's who that he has interviewed on his radio program, Crazy Web Guy.

While Gary Knuckles expertise may be in the development of businesses and the technical applications for Internet business owners, it is precisely because he understands the bigger picture of sales and marketing (this man has a proven track record) that he understands what technical applications are timely and pertinent to Internet success.

Mr. Knuckles has been featured in Internet Marketing Lounge, Six Figure Income Magazine, The Inside Success Show, Internet Marketing How to Workshop, and noted publications both online and offline.

His products, teleseminars, and interviews are listed at his site. I like Gary Knuckles because he's been down the road and back. He has a very nice laid back intensity, is willing to partner with other top performers, produces useful, reasonably priced Internet business tools, and seems to be genuinely having fun with all of this.

One of my students states that his Internet Information Manager software has been a Godsend for her once disorganized web business. Prices were not listed at the above site, but links and contact information are so getting information and costs should be easy.




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